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This web site is an interactive discussion and archive database dedicated to providing information about adult travel and exotic locations. Here you will find articles both past and present providing information about trip reports about the hottest locations throughout the world. This is not a porno site that boasts millions of "hardcore" images. Rather, it is a place where fellow hobbyists can gather to share information with one another through real time discussion boards on a variety of topics that deal with adult travel.

The database is especially useful to travelers who need information for upcoming vacations. It provides a place for people to share their experiences, both good and bad, to ensure that everyone has pleasant experiences in the future.

Users are welcome to freely upload reports from past experiences, talk about present conditions in various parts of the world and generally become more informed on this subject. Users are also welcome to freely upload pictures to the archives so others can get an idea of what to expect when traveling abroad. I only ask that the pictures are original photographs that illustrate true experiences and not simply some files were downloaded from a porno site. Detailed rules for posting are explained inside. SPAM and unrelated postings will be deleted –so spammers, please do not waste your time!

This is the largest adult travel resource on the Internet! If you see an area that you have knowledge about that does not yet have any information posted, please help fellow hobbyists by beginning the conversation.

The success of this site will result from user support -as more people become aware of it, then more people will be able to provide information. Please help by spreading the word wherever possible.

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