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These rules are not meant to limit conversation, but rather to keep the site focused so it does not end up to be a big mess like other chat sites on the net.

  1. This site is about sex with consenting adults.  This site is not about sex with minors, child prostitution or forced prostitution. Discussion about sex with minors is strictly prohibited.
  2. SPAM will not be tolerated in either the message areas or the picture areas. Spam is defined here as anything unrelated to the subject of escorts and escort services. Posting multiple ads will also be considered Spam. All Spam will be deleted very quickly by the system moderators. So, do not waste your time and or ours by uploading stuff that no one wants to see.
  3. It is fine to upload pictures from past experiences and vacations as long as they show escorts. However, please do not upload anything that you do not have permission from the owner, or anything that is not public domain.
  4. Do not upload pictures that are not of escorts. If we wanted this to be a big porno site, we would be supplying the pictures.
  5. Try to keep flaming to a minimum. This is a cooperative message base where people can learn from one another.
  6. Uploading to a public site, by its very nature is giving permission to the site administrators to redistribute the messages and images. Thus, by uploading to the server, you agree explicitly to wave any claim of copyright to the message or image that is being uploaded.
  7. Do NOT, under any circumstance, upload pictures of girls who are under 18 years of age.  Photos of underage girls are strictly forbidden here.
  8. Please read and agree to the disclaimer before continuing.

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