Information about orgasms

Most people see orgasm as the pinnacle of their sexual experience. This may be during sex or during masturbation. You can describe it as a powerful thing that feels very nice. However, this differs with every person, not every person has the same effect or does not find it the climax. After this climax, your body is relaxed. As a woman, after you cum you can have another orgasm right after, men are less lucky and generally cannot.

What does it feel like to have an orgasm?

When you have an orgasm, it is mostly an accumulation of sexual stimulation. The same excited feeling you have when you are on a roller coaster going up and then suddenly going down. Of course, it is not the same feeling, only it is similar. On the other hand, it feels different for everyone, this varies with how intense it is and how long it can last. But one conclusion you can draw is that an orgasm feels especially good. You can experience different things while having an orgasm, for example: emotions are released, high heart rate, shortness of breath and a few other things. When a man has an orgasm, a whitish liquid comes out of the genitals, this is also called sperm. In women, it may be the case that they ejaculate a liquid during an orgasm. This is also called squirting, this is just not a regular occurrence by women.

How can you have an orgasm?

When you orgasm, you respond physically to a sexual act that is going on. This can happen in many ways. Through penetration alone, women usually cannot orgasm. Therefore, there are many other ways by which it could succeed. It is an important thing to learn new things and be open to them. Your body needs time to adjust to this. So be sure to try different things with your partner or alone. Some have a preference for what they like and others are not so far along and have yet to figure out exactly what you like or enjoy, and also what your body responds well to. This would possibly change the preference of what you want. This is why you need to take your time with new things, therefore listen to your body and give it time.

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Ejaculation is also known as the same as a boy's orgasm. It varies from person to person how long it lasts and how often. In this action, sperm comes out of your genitals. When you are between 11 and 16 you can have it for the first time. This is the time when you can actually get a woman pregnant. When this happens for the first time, it may happen in your sleep, which is called a wet dream. You may think you have urinated in bed, this turns out not to be the case after all. You don't even have to have dreamed about sex to have a wet dream, it can just happen. Your first time ejaculating doesn't necessarily have to be a wet dream, it can also happen when you jerk off basor have sex

Female orgasm

If as a woman you want to get pregnant it is important that you orgasm, in women this does not have to be the case. Women generally orgasm less often than men during sex. There is still a big difference between a woman's and man's orgasms. In fact, with women, some may not have had an orgasm at all in their lives, and others may actually orgasm several times in a row. It depends on the person and what the situation is like. In a woman, the most important organ for orgasm is the clitoris. Stimulating it is very important for a woman if you want her to orgasm. The vagina becomes more moister and blood flowing because of a lot of stimulation. During stimulation, you will notice that it only becomes more sensitive. You don't have to use only the clitoris to help you orgasm. In fact, there are many sexual stimuli that help you become more aroused. The location where you are can also help with this. In touch, for example, you can become more aroused if someone touches a special body part that you really like. This can be different for everyone because not everyone's body likes being touched the same. And if you are in an exciting place, for example, this can provide extra stimuli, which can make you more aroused. Thinking and situations in your head can also help. After all, you are the boss in your own mind and determine what you want, so you can think about what you really like and go well on.

No orgasm

It's true that an orgasm can feel great, only it's not just about that you climax. It's about the whole performance and not just what happens at the end. Above all, you shouldn't put the pressure on that you have to orgasm for the person you're with. An unrealistic thing that comes up especially often in movies is that both persons are ready and climaxed at the same time. By the way, this is a bad image and totally unrealistic. If you do not have an orgasm for a few days or on some days, it is completely normal. This could be because you might just be tired or don't feel like it at all. Reasons of you not being able to have an orgasm might be trauma or medications you have taken and have an adverse reaction to it. Above all, you should not let others pressure you to react in a way that they assume. Your body and you yourself determine when this moment comes or not. As you get older you automatically learn more about yourself and your body, for example, you learn what you like and what you prefer. So this is why you should especially give yourself time, because you learn more and more with age. To enjoy sex certainly does not require an orgasm, you can also enjoy it without getting one. Therefore, do not force yourself to get one either, let go of that thought. Enjoying is the most important thing to do when you are at the moment and do not think about other things.